Top Vacations under $1000

Top Vacations under $1000

It’s the first week of Spring and as the weather begins to warm up many of us start thinking about getting away and traveling. Hitting the road to explore and find new adventures while leaving our everyday pressures behind at least for a few days. But while venturing out and creating new memories can be unforgettable, it can also be extremely hard on the wallet.

Which got us thinking…

What are some locations where I can have an unbelievable experience for less than my next money pool payout of $1,000?

So we put together a list of some of our favorites where you can get away with that special someone and have a blast or maybe just to soak in some of nature at its best.

Most of us are less than a half a day’s drive from at least one of these spots and can you think of the last time you treated yourself to some “me” time? Most of us never seem to find the time or the money to do it. You’re out of excuses!


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  1. Seattle, WA – A vibrant city full of tradition, incredible natural scenery and endless coastline. Try fresh seafood at Pike’s Peak Market, visit the original Starbucks or hike the Olympic Mountains.



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 2. Yosemite National Park, WY – Pack your tent and see some of the best that nature has to offer. Amazing El Capitan, towering waterfalls and ancient Sequoias are just a few of the reasons to see it.


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3. Washington, D.C. – Our nation’s capital offers non-stop entertainment for days. The Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Museum and the famous cherry blossoms are jus a few of the sights that make for a unique experience.


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4. San Antonio, TX – There is a hidden treasure in the state of Texas that is often overlooked. See the Alamo, the Spanish architecture and the amazing River Walk in this great town.



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       5. Chicago, IL – This spectacular city on Lake Michigan isn’t called the Second city for nothing. Take in a ball game at Wrigley Field, Have fun at the Navy Pier or browse the shops down the Miracle Mile.



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        6. Adirondack Mountains – Just a few hours from New York or Boston, the Adirondacks prove that the great outdoors are still within reach. Take in the beautiful scenery, try some watersports or discover your favorite bed & breakfast spot, making this one of the lowest priced choices on our list.



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     7. Myrtle Beach, SC – Considered one of the best vacations spots on the East Coast, Myrtle Beach has something for everyone. Great amusement parks, low priced golf courses and hundreds of miles of beaches.



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     8. New Orleans, LA – The jewel of the Gulf Coast has so much to offer. Historic architecture, great Cajun food and amazing nightlife make New Orleans tough to beat.