5 Tips to Build Up Your Savings

To kickoff Spring, we’ve asked a member of our eMoneyPool community to be a guest contributor, Ms. Krishna Davenport who is here to share some great savings tips… Thanks Krishna! ********************* The seasons are (finally) starting to change. Flowers are beginning to bloom signaling a rebirth. Why not take a hint from Mother Nature and […]

Why We Love the Susu


By Luis Cervera People have used the Susu for hundreds of years as a structured way to access cash or save for a goal. It’s a tool that has been handed down for generations and is used by cultures around the world. And if you’re like me, you probably remember them as a little boy […]

Susus (money pools): one of the world’s oldest savings practices

Over 200 different names for money pools around the world. Ref: http://www.gdrc.org/icm/rosca/rosca-names.html

By Rosa Cays Perhaps you, too, have come across the myriad terminology: tanda, susu, money pool, cundina, social saving, hui, solidarity lending, tontine, ahorro. The multinational list goes on, and the terms all lead to traditions of saving money that have been around for hundreds of years across as many cultures. The map below cleverly […]