Member Spotlight – Krishna


We’re back to highlight a fresh point of view from another eMoneyPool user, Krishna D. A glimpse into her world; how she makes best use of money pools and why she’s using them to meet her goals.

What was your biggest concern about joining eMoneyPool?

Actually no concerns about joining, it was a pretty seamless setup. I was more concerned about how the grouping with other people would work and what their concerns might be. It ended up being easy.

Where do you live? Career?

I live in Long Island, New York but I’m a born and bred Brooklyn girl. I work as a Financial Analyst for a trading firm.

How did you hear about

I learned about it through my friend, Keisha Dutes, and her radio show TK in the AM, where she interviewed one of the eMoneyPool founders. Keisha started a Facebook group that focuses on saving and lending through community, and asked me to run the second group. I thought the eMoneyPool concept was great; it’s a Susu with tech, which seemed to alleviate a lot of issues.

Were you familiar with in-person money pools before joining? Susus?

Yes, I’ve participated in Susus in the past with family. The last time was 6 years ago in anticipation of buying a house.

Now that you’re an eMoneyPool veteran, can you tell us about your experience and short term goals?

Smooth experience. I had a setup issue but was able to get it fixed within 10 minutes, which is a credit to customer service. The interface is easy. Now that I’ve received my funds, I’m using a portion to update my Wellness blog and the rest will go towards a Disney trip for my boys.

For new users who might be new to the concept, explain why you take part in money pools?

With the current state of finances, traditional saving will only get harder. eMoneyPool will help people to save, reach their goals and not go broke doing it. It is a way of obtaining “seed” money through your community and a great way to start moving away from the big banks and their growing criteria for lending.

Last question… What is your all-time favorite movie and why?

Good Fellas. Good Fellas has so many lessons and they are often missed because viewers are focused on the “Mafia” stuff. But there are messages about strength in community family, loyalty and so much more. It also is a connection to my real life as a New Yorker.

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