5 Tips to Build Up Your Savings

To kickoff Spring, we’ve asked a member of our eMoneyPool community to be a guest contributor, Ms. Krishna Davenport who is here to share some great savings tips… Thanks Krishna! ********************* The seasons are (finally) starting to change. Flowers are beginning to bloom signaling a rebirth. Why not take a hint from Mother Nature and […]

Top Vacations under $1000

Top Vacations under $1000 It’s the first week of Spring and as the weather begins to warm up many of us start thinking about getting away and traveling. Hitting the road to explore and find new adventures while leaving our everyday pressures behind at least for a few days. But while venturing out and creating […]

Why We Love the Susu


By Luis Cervera People have used the Susu for hundreds of years as a structured way to access cash or save for a goal. It’s a tool that has been handed down for generations and is used by cultures around the world. And if you’re like me, you probably remember them as a little boy […]

Be Debt Free in 5 Simple Steps


By: Francisco Cervera Paying off your debt is easier than you think. All you have to do is stick to the plan. I’m going to show you the simplest way to plan this debt-free journey with a technique known as a “debt snowball.” This is the concept: You set aside a fixed amount of “extra” money […]

3 ways to build credit – without a credit card

Road sign to good credit

By: Francisco Cervera Building credit when you have none can be tricky. Imagine this scenario: You walk into your local bank or credit union and apply for a loan. The loan officer returns with the negative news that you were not approved because you don’t have enough credit history. You quickly ask the loan officer, […]

Impulse buys are killing your finances


By: Francisco Cervera Think about your most recent purchase. Maybe it’s a fancy new pair of shoes, a laptop for school or equipment for your business. Did you charge it to a credit card? The chances are likely you did. But you’re not alone. A 2012 survey from creditcards.com shows over 62% of respondents charged […]

Microloans Could Save Tired Starving Artists. How ROSCAs Can Save Music, Art And Film.


  BY: JUNE OWATARI  COURTESY OF: The Plaid Zebra  $2400 for a Conveyer Dryer for screen-printing + $2000 for a film output printer with colour separation software plus a 6-pack of ink cartridges + $600 for micro-registration attachments for the 6-colour press + $150 for supplies and equipment for sticker printing + $80 for specially sized platen for printing custom […]

How does a cundina work?

HiRes copy

By Francisco Cervera How does a cundina work? Let’s back up and first explain what it is. A cundina is a community credit and savings tool that’s used to pay for a major purchase, such as a home refrigerator or business inventory. While some people enjoy paying for their purchases with a good old-fashioned credit card, […]

Saving money? What’s that?


By Rosa Cays I am not one to play the money game. You know—business ventures, stock trading, Vegas. I still have a ceramic Snoopy bank filled with 30-year-old coins that I dig into when in dire need. I figure as long as I have that, I’ll never be broke, right? You could say I’m not […]

The Aranda Tanda

Tanda payment schedule

Tanda Payment Schedule Ten Mexican American women from Santa Ana, California make jewelry, straw hats and blankets for sale at the swap meets in Southern California. They are all sisters and cousins in the Aranada family who have painstakingly developed small craft businesses to support themselves in a culture that has marginalized them. They are […]